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How does FramesVision work?

Simply select your lenses and give us your prescription, and once you place an order we then send you a box with a prepaid shipping label. Place your frames in the box and drop them in the mail to our lab. We will custom make new lenses, fit them back into your frames, and send them back to you.

Can I find FramesVision in stores?

FramesVision services are currently only available online through our website.

How can I find my prescription?

To get your prescription, please contact your local optometrist. Eye exams are also performed at many local optical stores by licensed opticians.

What if the prescription is wrong?

Please make sure the prescription you send us is correct and up to date. We make your lenses from scratch based on that information. We are unable to re-make lenses based on incorrect or outdated prescriptions provided to us.

How much do prescription lenses cost?

New prescription lenses start at $77!

Are you eye doctors?

We are not eye doctors, but we have a licensed, state-of-the art lab right here in the U.S. to make top-of-the-line products for every eye—from the latest single vision lenses and progressive lenses, to Transition lenses; and mirrored tints.